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Otel Prague

Director:  Zdenek Viktora

Screenwriters:  Zdenek Viktora, Marek Grajciar

Genre:  drama



Tomáš, originally Volyn Czech, lives all his life in Ukraine. When war conflict breaks out, they threaten to take him to war, and thanks to his origins he is able to use the offer of the Czech government to relocate to their country.

He must find work and accomodation in the Czech Republic soon, and when he succeeds, he will receive a relocation donation from the government.

A few days later Naďa - his mother - will pick him up. She has been living in Bohemia for a long time, she has come to work there years ago, and didn‘t return home, she was only sending money. Tomáš is angry at her, he doesn‘t want to talk to her at all, their communication is only from Naďa's side. She will take him to Prague, where she manages an old dormitory, give him room, employs him, and pushes him to begin to communicate.

He tells her how he waited for her his whole childhood and how he hates her now.

Supported by Czech Cinematography Fund for Liteary support (2017) and Complete Development (2018), selected for Dramaturgical Incubator II. organised by Czech Cinematography Fund, selected for MIDPOINT SK (2016)

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havel tramvaj.png
The Happiest Generation

based on novel by Jan Cempírek

written by: Zdenek Viktora, Marek Grajciar

romance, drama

"Between the nineties and the noughties anything seems possible in the newly liberated and optimistic Czech society. Against this background, aspiring photographer Tomas and free-spirited Beata struggle to come to terms with their on/off relationship, in which issues of love, friendship, art, ambition, and freedom clash repeatedly against each other." 

selected for MIDPOINT SK 2019

selected for MIDPOINT SK 2019

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Situation of the Priest

directed by: Ivo Trajkov

written by: Marek Grajciar

feature drama

Crisis of faith set in Czechoslovakia 1969

- supported by Czech Cinematography Fund for Complete Development (2020)

Situation of the Priest
projektor obrazek.jpg
Maltese Cross

directed by: Jaroslav Brabec

written by: Jiří Potůček

feature drama

Faustian story of talented filmmaker on background of historical events in Czechoslovakia 1948-1968

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