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Feature Films

RALUCA (2014)
  MISS HANOI (2018)

Directed, written by:  Zdeněk Viktora

DoP:  Aleš Hart

Cast: David Novotný, Ha Thanh Špetlíková

Genre:  Crime, Drama


In the small border town is a strong Vietnamese community. Vietnamese girl EVA TRANOVA (14) was killed in this town 4 years ago. EVA's killers were her classmates. Because her killers were minors, they
were placed in a reformatory from where they were released after they reached the age of 18. Now, after their release, our story begins. One of them is found dead. The other is on the run.

On the scene comes an experienced investigator from county criminal investigation department, lieutenant KAPR who was put in charge of the case.

A local Vietnamese policewoman ANH is here to help him. Intelligent and ambitious girl who wants to get into the criminal investigationdepartment and sees this case as an

ANH will be exposed to pressure from the locals who never quite accepted the fact that the Vietnamese girl can work for the police. Some of the Vietnamese people are against her as well, including her family who never got over the fact that she chose this profession.


Directed, written by:  Zdeněk Viktora

DoP:  Aleš Hart

Editors: Ondřej Hokr, Matouš Outrata

Music: Pavel Raclavský

Sound: Lukáš Moudrý

Producers: SCREENPLAY BY s.r.o., co-producer: CINEPOST a.s.

Cast: Jan Dolanský, Malvína Pachlová, David Novotný, Helena Dvořáková, Stanislav Majer, Kristýna Frejová, Dana Syslová, Klára Oltová, Radim Schwab, Petr Konáš, Ionita Dorian Catalin…

Genre:  crime - noir 



Former cop doesn’t want to be reminded of some things from his past. But others remind him... He works as and spies on people for money. All up to the moment when he meets seductive Raluca and his life turns upside down. Is it just a coincidence? Fate? Or has someone set a trap? Even in his wildest dreams he wouldn’t imagine the things that were about to happen. Things that involve sex, murder, the big reveal and a harsh reminder of that damn past...


RALUCA has been awarded BEST CiNEMATOGRAPHY 2014 - by Association of Czech Cinematographers.

and has been screened at many festivals including NOIR FILM FEST, KAMERA OKO OSTRAVA, FINALE PLZEN etc. 

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